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internet marketing
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In this post I would like to share some of my experiences and thoughts on the topic of:

Where can I learn about Internet Marketing?

And give you  a Realpositive247.com feedback

But before I get into it let me tell you a short story about me MaxiMus Kurtis Melv with a bit of light entertainment.

Fire Your Slave Driving Boss!slave driving

“Who do you think you are”?

“You, yes you”

“Working from home”?!

“Don’t make me laugh”

Says the boss.

Kaaatisssssh! (whip lash sound effects)


Tell your boss… You’re Fired!


And then you get up out of there!

He or she would probably look at you like…what the fredrick! How dare You!

Wouldn’t that be nice for some of us?

Then you go work on building your own online empire…wow! PASSIVE INCOME YEAH!



I can do it, you can do it, and we all can do it, but sadly very few do it.

Do what?

Make a living and much more from working online in affiliate marketing.

Simply because they give early and don’t get the right training and mentoring in the right place and the right time.

Where can I learn internet marketing?


I told myself, look at it like this, what do you see in front of you?

A monitor screen attached to some plastic components with a couple of wires leading here and there, some plugged into the wall socket and that’s it! (This when I knew nothing about computers and working from home online)

Oh… I forgot and a window that you can see into and go anywhere you feel like visually.

Let’s go to space or let’s have a look at the sun without it frying us to smithereens,it can be done now via the internet.


let's do itSo why not get with the space age that were in and work in it?

After I brush my teeth and shower in the morning I go straight to work, my travel time is approximately 50 seconds to my laptop. And I’m not using a spaceship or magic carpet, I’m walking to work. (It sounds lazy I know)

I’ve put on my best PJ’s and log on to the World Wide Web.

As simple as that, I’m go to tell you my story a little bit.

When I first heard of the World Wide Web as we call it.

I thought to my self…enter what net?

What web?


Are you kidding me?

What a spider’s web?

What is this?

I said to myself

“I don’t need this”


Well… I was a million times wrong.

I literally ate my words.


Because  I assumed that the internet was for big companies, you know like big corporations and just anything BIG.

I was driving a bus for a living, what else could I think? My mind was burnt out…having to deal with grumpy passengers and maniacs on the road giving me the finger for allegedly cutting them up in traffic.
Huh… I enjoyed it, cutting them up that is.

Anyway I was a bus driving slave!

Clock on at this time clock off at that time.
10 hour shifts 5 hours sitting on my ass driving around and around and around…it’s a brain dead job however  you look at it that’s just my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong though you can make a better average wage than a factory worker or warehouse operative, I’ve done them both and they both suck!

I knew I had to get out of this working style; I couldn’t stand it, so I started to buy and read some good books on business which I won’t mention yet.

And slowly but surely my mind started to unravel from the shift to shift mentality of unconscious enslavement of what a lot of people call the 9 to 5 or the rat race, and was I winning?

I just knew deep down inside of me I had to find a way out, I knew this was not me.

I was just working for a living with no plans to advance into something else, besides I was pretty much tied down.

Don’t get me wrong there were some bus drivers that had businesses like shops or restaurants, and some who were so trapped in working for the bus company and so scared of getting fired because their homes that they had bought on credit needed to get paid for…sad situation for them.

I saw their hair turning greyer and greyer by the week.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I reckon …just like when you type a question or query into Google or any search engine you’ll find out that 100% of the time someone on the other side of the web the question been has asked or enquired about. The exact same issue you are asking about. So I thought if I’m thinking and feeling like this there has to be many other people in the same situation…right?

We humans all seem to have the same questions or theories or enquires buzzing around in or minds.

And we seek the solutions via the web now In this day and age!

So that tells me or told me that there must be …a million or so people like me not knowing what the heck is going on with this World Wide Web.

Some of us think it’s just there to be enjoyed…watching films on it listening to music all day or watching weird crap on Youtube and the likes.

You know them i know them …family and friends or strangers in the internet cafes or bar of any other public place that has free or paid for wifi.

We all seem to have certain thought processes that are identical to someone you have never smelt, let alone seen. Crazy huh? These thoughts went through and still do penetrate my mind.

Now there is even more people using the internet some 3 billion or so users world wide.

So I am confident to say that there are people who haven’t yet got with the big picture of working from home sitting in your arm chair looking at a window screen and being able to make money clicking a few buttons here and there.

And I’m telling you I didn’t have a clue how to use a computer.

Copy, cut and paste?

If you mentioned this to me at that point in time when I didn’t know, I would have thought of a pair of scissors and some glue and a photocopying machine.

What the heck!

Where have I been?

I was like stone age!

I’ll tell you where I’ve been, I’ve been working my butt off, mentally and psychically not knowing that cyber space,matrix or whatever you want to call it, exists and can be profited from and benefitted from.

Simply because I was chained and nailed into working for someone else other than me, not allowing the creative side of me to function, seeing no other way out of being broke other than working for so and so.

All that time forgetting about me.

I am important more than them! I told mtyself.

Thank goodness I woke up and saw the massive potential in the internet.

Whichever venture you start with working online don’t worry if at first you don’t see any money coming in from it, be patient, keep at it or find something more suitable to you.

But believe me you will be surprised to hear how much money you could possibly earn through reaching a million or less or more people online with the same interests as you or your life partner… its great.

Therefore the purpose of this post is mainly for the complete beginner to the internet to help boost your motivation or confidence from my little short story of going from not knowing anything about online work to getting to know pretty quickly much possibilities.


So what value can I give you right now?

Where can I learn about internet marketing? The answer is what I can give you.

For a complete beginner or someone that dips in then dips out of working online.

Okay let’s start with awareness because if you aren’t aware of something, how can you change it?

1. I want you to be aware that your life circumstance can change for the better it’s been proved by many people working online , blogging or website owners or affiliate marketers that the amount of money you can make is far… far greter than some paid doctors for instance.

So what about $100,000 how’s that sound?
Believe me these figures are being achieved by average intelligent humans like me and maybe you 🙂

2. Remember anything worth having takes the BIG P.

What is the BIG P?

Its Patience …yep! Don’t lose heart!

If you’re impatient to learn how to  earn this kind of money you’re going to slip and mess up or you’re just going to walk away not bothering and looking towards the next piece of luck coming your way.

The patience is part of telling your slave driving boss he or she is fired.

3. From my experience if you decide to give working online your best shot and stay with it until you are success in earning money online then listen hear…there are many people teaching tricks and tips out there online and many tutorials online etc.

But and a BIG BUT many of them just charge way to high in fees and subcriptions and mentoring that make it harder for the average peron to even contemplate joining them.

What I would say to you is find someone online that you can learn from consistently if your just listening to videos on youtube, but eventually you’ll have to pay unless you do it on your own which will take alot of your time up.

You need someone that can walk you step by step and that’s why I’m encouraging you by means of this post and directing you to that good source where you can learn all that’s needed to succeed online in affiliate marketing and even outside of affilliate marketing.

Stick with a teacher if they have a broad knowledge level in the field of working online that you enter into you’ll be up and running in a very short time as opposed to going at it on your own. 

digital marketing

Learning from so many different people can confuse you until you say ” Hey forget this it’s too hard “


Believe me I’ve been there, been confused, been had information overload till nothing happened expect a few hairs on my head dropped out onto my keyboard, been let down by the so-called next best thing, or promises of success at a click of a button, been scammed my hard 9-5 money giving it to some lying suckers who prey on the uninformed.

It’s a real cyber jungle out there!

Don’t be that next victim for them, I really do want good for you.

Maybe you have been scammed too…it can be so disheartening, I know.

I hope I can even help one person take that first step to creating financial freedom for themselves and their family.
Then the whole purpose of this post would have been worth the sore eyelids I got from typing it out late into the night…lol

I myself is still learning and striving to make a good living and reach my goals I’ve set out to accomplish via the internet. So you can too, if you make a clear decision within yourself that you’re going into it for the long run and not just tip toe-ing your way to something and then failing once and then giving up.

You are what you think so think you can do it and you can.


internet marketingThe choice is yours so choose wisely.

Let Me Help You Make That Right Choice


Be serious about this…learning anything cost something, whether it’s time or money or sweat or physical pain.

You’ll get over it …and it takes training, practise makes perfect.


A baby first cannot even hold its head up or walk or crawl only with time and effort and coaching from its parents or parent in some cases.

It keeps on going striving to learn how to crawl, balance, sit up fall down, get back up, roll over roll over the other way, finally standing against something that supports it then taking that massive first step on its own.

1, 2 or 3 steps until back on the floor, but human nature here guys and gals we’re built for success we keep trying until we make it happen not matter what.

Your Right Choice Starts Here With The Awesome Training Avaiable To You 

So make it happen for you again…learning anything in life is like those first steps of a baby.


Go in fully pledged to learn, in the affiliate training platform. There is a community of like mined people here that will help you when you ask, so ask and don’t be shy because shy doesn’t learn.

There is incredible life changing training awaiting for you to just make that leap.


Join us…and I hope to see you on the inside the winners side.

If not then I hope the best for you wherever you end up.



My Feedback And Review Of This Fantastic Affiliate Marketing Training Platform.

This has been and is still becoming the best training platform I’ve had the pleasure of joining and paying it forward for my own goals and achievements to beable to become an educated online work from home affiliate marketer.

So far it’s just mind blowing the information and learning structure fits right into my lifestyle as I’m able to just log on when I have set the time to and believe me I’ve made having the time my priority because I have fallen in love with the whole concept of working from home online.

The turioals are clear and precise and to the point, upto date information about online business and Google rules.

I would not have progressed had I been going at it alone. The responses from other members that are making money online due to the training here on this platform is so encouraging to know that it is achieveable to quit your day job and go fulltime building online income sources that benefit you.

I’ve made many new friends and contacts through it, it’s just well worth the preimium cost of learning I’m so grateful I found this opportunity after 7 or more years struggling to make any money online.

It’s $49 a month and cheaper if you pay for a full year membership.

So don’t hesitate once you’ve created your free account no payment details needed for this free account so you are as free as abird to fly in a check it out for yourself.

Why not?

There’s tons of awesome information at your finger tips here.

All awaiting for you to take advantage of and use to you best of ability.

Pepole are joining daily so go get yours and become a premium member which will open up all the features and benifts for you.

No matter what your level is of earning money online this platform of training and free mentoring is going to show you exactly how to build a successful business online for yourself.

Going premium don’t let anything stop you achieveing.

Training video tutorials include plus so much more:

Understanding how money is made online -great info.

Choosing a niche market- super targeted info.

How to build and create and set up your very own personlised website  your online presence.

Seo for search engine targeting.

And so much more I really want to keep it brief so you can enjoy finding out for yourself.

So my sincere advice would be if you are serious then this IS the right place for you to get started and up and running.



Here’s your direct access to the training platform you don’t need jump into it blindingly take the free starters course and see for yourself what you’ve been missing and then proceed with a big smile on your face for getting in there and look forward to a great career online.



Thanks for reading and take care.
Best of success to you.


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