Subliminal Motivation – How It Works

In a world that can crush you mentally…                                                                          banjo skully

Can subliminal motivation help us?

Our minds our bodies go through so much strain and pain, but also our subconscious part of our mind gets effected as well.

Throughout many years of our lives we don’t perceive the effects that have happened to our subconscious mind, I read recently in a news article that a homeless man of 43 years died whilst sleeping rough on the streets, in this winter’s freezing temperatures I can’t imagine how mentally and physically it would have been on that person’s mind.

In brief what was mentioned was that a loved one of this man who slept rough had passed away. And that was the trigger that sparked a deep spiral of depression for this man…which then led to him losing his job and house and ending up on the streets sleeping in doorway of a shop in the city centre. Poor guy!

It just goes to show anything can happen to a person, that specifically alters the mindset and brings about a real negative situation. But a crucial factor in relation to this man who slept rough was his mindset was changed.


Firstly the passing away of his beloved…which triggered a deep recall.

And then way the man’s mindset reacted to this saddening situation…as we’ve all lost loved ones we all know the pain it can cause, but we’ve got to let go of the memories because that’s all it is now. So back to this chap his mind changed, loss of a loved one, then what happened as a result of that he started to drink heavily which led him to lose his home and his job.

There are some key factors I want to home in on here.

No matter who you are, you will have good days and not so good days, good memories and not so good memories. But we too are advancing to that same destiny in due time departing from this world. So we know that this is our life cycle as hard as it may feel upon us we’re not here forever.

Anyway back to what I wanted to mention regarding the change of this young man’s mindset, or anyone similar to that is that our mind is so precious the two parts of it as known as the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious is the store house of all that goes into our minds , be it through TV , reading, listening , music, talking to folks or any other means of communication.

Why did this gentlemen turn to the drink?                           on-the-street

Why do many people in fact turn to drugs and alcohol too, when assumingly bad events happen in their lives?

Isn’t it a means of blocking out the memories and thoughts?

Or as we think it’s a means to do that, but it gets us into more trouble than we could ever imagine ourselves getting into.

I could say that a massive percentage of people in these kinds of situations (homeless) had some altering to their minds through the use of intoxicates which led them into the poor situation that they are in.

So what would be beneficial?

So it would be beneficial to strengthen our mindsets internally, the subconscious part so that it reacts in a positive way or it can handle these events in our lives.

Otherwise it will only react in a way, to what it has been, let’s say programmed with.

An example would be a TV program or of something similar, happening to someone and you visually seeing that actor or actress taking up drugs or alcohol or any other intoxicating habit to cope with his or her situation.

Now this would be stored inside of your subconscious mind and could replay it’s self in real life. Showing and instructing you subconsciously on how to act and handle that given situation.

There are ways and means that we can combat these installed thoughts that dwell deep within us.

One way is through subliminal re-programming of our minds.

And lets look at it, we’ve all been subjected to someone else’s subliminal thoughts and actions in many ways unknown to us.

Take for example people that lend an ear and eye to watching violent movies over and over again. It’s all going to be stored into their subconscious mind and may play a massive role in how they react when angry, thus recalling to their mind those violent actions to inflict on someone. All because the mind had stored up these actions and thoughts, through watching these violent movies or even violent video games.

So is that not detrimental to the health of a person’s mind?

We must monitor strictly if we can what goes into our minds through the senses of seeing hearing and communicating with others.

Subliminal motivation when used for our own benefit and not the benefit of someone else can drastically help us improve our mindsets.


Self help – Subliminal

Subliminal literally means something that is way below the threshold of our conscious mind.

An invisible force at work that we never really notice or realize that how our mindset is being controlled to think a certain way or to react a certain way. We can self help ourselves to re-programme it through subliminal visualization.

Subliminal – Visualization

A visual subliminal motivational message or messages is quite an effective way to convey an idea or change something within our mindset.

Subliminal motivation through images or words or audio mp3’s can possibly play a great part in improving ones mood or thinking process.

Subliminal – Mind Control

We receive information or instructions to do something and respond to that subliminal message unaware. The message could be in numerous forms, but we respond without being aware of this message, so it is a form of mind control. So how about we control our own minds using subliminal motivational messages to our benefit.

Subliminal – Downloads

Create an abundant mindset that you know what’s been put into it through using subliminal visualization mp3’s and videos. Choose how to re-programme your sub-consciousness.

Go to this website that has some interesting subliminal visualization video downloads. You can preview the video’s and hear the content to be able to make the right choice for which one will suit you and your needs.

Go from here.


Subliminal Meditation

Consists of watching and listening to audios with some binaural beats and subliminal messages in them, this method can help ease tension, sleeplessness, anxiety, help relax after a hard days work, enhance the mind and much more, if you’ve never tried subliminal motivation then give it a go and experience tranquillity within you.
(Preferably listen to the audios with a good set of headphones)






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