Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – Review & Exchange


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

A Review & Exchange of ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ Author T.Harv Eker

Has anybody ever said to you mind your own business?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it or heard someone say it, am I right?

And it’s usually because someone thought or assumed that the person speaking was being too nosey…right?



Words Are Thinkable – Thinkable Are Words        thinking please wait

Words…when we think about their effects we realise that words are just so powerful.

But yet words are easily misunderstood,misplaced or have multiple meanings…so they can be twisted in meaning, in such a way that amounts to pure wisdom or discomfort.

Mind Your Own – Own Your Mind

Let’s look at this sentence for a second or two…


We all agree to its meaning and understand it, as to how we’ve accepted it to mean, but it can be altered and twisted around in its meaning.

I know it’s usually accompanied with an abusive word just after OWN but that’s irrelevant right now.

Let’s play around with this sentence if we can.

The Mind Is About The Mind                 reset your mind

Mind your own business?

So what is your business?

Why don’t we say mind your own self?

Or mind you own affairs?

Or mind your own words?

Is it because it’s easier to just roll off our tongues?

If somebody said it to you without you even mentioning a single word to them in the first place. What would be your reaction? What would go through your mind?

If you knew you hadn’t said anything to them beforehand so why are they saying this to you?

Maybe they thought you were being nosey?

Ok… so what about the scenario of you entering into the doctor’s clinic for example: you open the door and there’s a few people sitting down on chairs in the waiting area and one of those persons shout out MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS as you walk in.

We’d naturally be a bit shocked or stunned and confused as to who they are referring to, so we’d just sit down and ignore them right?

Especially if you’ve never seen this person before in your entire life.

Let’s turn it around let’s say same scenario but this time the person shouts out at you.

BUSINESS YOUR OWN MIND!”….was there a pause in your mind for a few seconds?

Why was that do you suppose?

Business your own mind! Business your own mind!

The complete reverse but not as crude sounding as MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

So in reality our mind is our business…right?                                     mindset

And or business is our mind…right?

You see the mind is about the mind.

The mind is set…set for what?

Set in its ways…until it’s unset in its ways?

Like cement soft and runny at first then with time it starts to harden and set until it’s hard and very unbreakable. Unless you use the right approach to breaking it.

What is the right approach to breaking it?

If we had a brick of cement as large as a shoe box solid all the way through and we tried to break it using a spoon, we wouldn’t get very far… similar is the mind, when it’s set…hence the saying mindset.

Did any of that make sense??

So what next?

words have power

Power Drill – Drill Power  craftsmen

Yep we need to use a powerful tool that has the ability to crack open this set cement block.

We’ve all seen how these road workers, highway workers drill at the ground before they can start to work on the pipes underground.

Hey so what about the pipes under our mindset?

The ones that we know of and the ones that we don’t know of, the ones that we can feel and the ones we can’t feel, the ones that shape our every reaction to events in our life.

Don’t they need drilling to uncover what’s corroding under there or what’s not functioning right or what’s holding us back from our true potential?

Some people have never found out, never drilled in to their mindset to fix what’s bugging or annoying them subconsciously…only to live life blaming and complaining that its someone else’s fault, no doubt it could be…but not 100% of the time.

We all have the tools to drill. We just don’t always know where to find them.

Let me tell you …they are nearer to us than we think, obtainable and plentiful in number.

So will we stretch out our hands and grasp them our will we lay back down and let the cement grow weeds and the likes upon it.


An Amazing Mind Opening Book

From the one of the bestselling books that I had the opportunity to purchase and read.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Buy Now For Just £5.78


How I found out about this book?

You know my mind was doing over time prodding me not letting me sleep as though there’s something that I haven’t done yet that needs to get done, thinking about money last thing before bed and then thinking about it first thing in the morning was like torture to my mental state of mind. Complaining about it, hearing other people complaining about it can drive to you crazy.

I searched and searched the internet for clues on how to become rich because that’s what I thought was the problem…but it wasn’t…it was my mindset that was the problem.

Have you ever heard of reckless people winning the lottery?

I’m sure you have…or read their stories on the news or in the newspapers…and then as if all of a sudden they are back to square one where they started off from, being broke.

Or in some cases even worse off…like being heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol or in a deep state of depression.

And they’ve lost all what they had won…through recklessness.

I used to think what an idiot…how could he or she lose it all after coming from nothing to winning the lottery.

But this book explained it to me…their money blueprint was set for failure no matter what, no matter how much money they acquired…because money as I said before was never the underlining problem.

It was the person’s mindset, their way of thinking…pay attention, we all have a money blue print that is deeply written within our subconscious mind, its either set for success around money or its set for failure.

Who tells us to give up when we don’t see the results we expect in the time frame we expect?

Us! We do, yes we tell ourselves to give up and make that deadly decision to give up whatever it maybe. Bad decisions lead to bad results.

So when I was reading this amazing book I got to know, that the main problem was how my mind was set to think in the area of money. In his book T.harv Eker has a quote that stuck with me, he says that thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to actions and actions lead to results.

So if my thoughts about money were poor they would lead me to feelings of being poor.

And my poor feelings would then lead me to actions that were poor.

And then…yes you guessed it.

My poor actions would then bring about results that are poor in the area of money and much more.

This book is without doubt one of the best I’ve read on the mindset. I’d seriously encourage anybody to take look at the book and purchase it, read it over and over and over again until it drills into your mindset. There is also an audio book for those times when reading is out of the question.

He mentions something to the nearest meaning in his book…the only way for us to permanently change the temperature in a room is to rest the thermostat and in the unique same way the only way to change our level of financial success on a permanent basis would be to simply reset our financial thermostat, that being our mindset our money blueprint.

In my opinion the book is worth its weight in

Don’t delay go get the book today for yourself.

I’ve left an offer link that will direct you to it and you can share it with your family and friends.

Achieve more from your own mind and business your own mind.

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T HARV EKER

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