The Millionaire Mindset – What Is It

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Money, Money, Money… is that what it is?                                  sitting-on-gold

What is it that’s missing in our mindsets?

Why haven’t we got millionaire mindsets?

What’s so different about millionaires mindsets compared to our mindsets?

What is the millionaire mindset?

Is it just education?

Nah it can’t be.

Because there’s highly educated people out there and they aren’t millionaires.

So now what?

What does it take to have a millionaire mindset?

It’s got to be something else, I’ve met some millionaires in the past not many but a few and they didn’t even seem that smart or look like what I would have thought a millionaire might look like.

But then again they were just millionaires on paper, meaning they had a business that totalled to over a million in revenue.

Does that qualify them as millionaires?

They drove shit cars and dressed in such plain Jane clothing so bland you could have put them in a second-hand charity shop and nobody would be the wiser to what they are.

I think we kind of stereotype them.

So there’s got to be some hidden jewels some hidden action, some special or secret way of thinking that they know how to act upon.

What is it that we don’t know or do and they know and do?

Ahh…I did some detective work to find out, I turned into Sherlock Holmes for a while searching to find out what it is.

Do you want take a look at what I’ve found out about the millionaire mindset?

Are you ready to know what it is?

The information might seal your fate for better or for worse though.

Are you really sure you’re ready to found out?

Then read on you millionaire wanna be. (Me too)



money manThe Millionaire Mindset

So what is it exactly?

Why do we fail to posses this mindset?

Can we too have the millionaire mindset?

Is it an easy accomplishment?

Let’s find out.

There seems to be a few infinite reasons, one known reason and most important is our mindset blueprint, which is made up of what we were taught about money, what we experienced about money whilst growing up and how we’ve been programmed to think about money.

Our money blueprint is set in our subconscious mind  like files in a computer, if a certain file is missing or corrupted then yep it won’t work properly if work at all.

So the number one cause in my opinion from researching this topic is that it is a deep rooted mindset of how we see ourselves around money whether we realize it or not.
We all have a file a blueprint that may not be of our own doing, it may have been installed from various sources, like from grandparents, family, parents, schooling, friends etc.

We need to understand something here as to what is actually going on in our minds regarding money. Just like a seed that is bad it produces fruit not so nice if nice at all the main problem we have is how we’ve been brought to think about or react to money.

Take for instance a boy growing up with his father being a real estate agent, and his father showing him how money works and how he collects money from his tenants…that same boy’s money blue print as to speak will most likely be in accordance with his father’s views and actions around the subject of money and so be successful with money when he interacts with what brings it about.

Now let’s take another boy growing up around his father who struggles to keep money or earn money on a consistent basis or just blows it when it’s there and then moves on to the next stage mostly likely the boys blueprint of how his father was with money will most likely be his money blueprint and thus follow in his footsteps unconsciously knowing that it’s not really his way of thinking it was just how he saw his father handle the subject of money.

Stop and think what was your experience growing up around money and how was you affected by the outside blueprints of other people’s thoughts and choices and beliefs about money poured into your mindset. All we need to do is rewire these money programs in our mind and then set them to win the money game I don’t mean the lottery I mean to think and act like a millionaire mindset.

But first we MUST change what is going on inside of us; this awareness is the crucial first step.



What Is The Millionaire Mindset

It’s the way they think and act differently from the poor mindset and the middle class mindset.

Their wealth is a result of this mindset and acting upon it.

What’s happening in our inner self is what is being manifested on the outer self.

The way we think especially about money on the inside will definitely show its self in our outer world, and this blueprint of ours, our money files will determine how our finances are going to be for us…you see its all combined with the feelings, thoughts and actions that we take to about money and how it effects our lives.

Some of us had the blueprint of …oh money is the root of all evil, or money just makes you greedy and a bad person, or I can’t be rich because of such and such.

All and many of these similar mindset files are with us in our subconscious minds, not allowing us to really reach our true potential of mastering the money game from within us.


Millionaire Mindset Quotes

  • How you do anything is how you do everything – T.Harv Eker
  • Action is the bridge between the inner world and the outer world – T.Harv Eker
  • To get paid the best, you must be the best – T harv Eker
  • To many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears – Les Brown
  • Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve – Napoleon hill
  • Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant – Robert Louis Stevenson
  • You hear a voice within you say ‘ You cannot paint, ‘ and then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced – Vincent Van Gogh


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