Massage Chair Sales – 3 Reviews

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Massage Chair Sales & 3 Reviews

Massage chairs, one of the most enjoyable items a person can have as part of their office or home office when working online.

These can really make a massive difference whilst sitting in your chair for long periods of time, without a massage.

Our backs our lower backs feel that strain so it’s a really good idea to get the most comfortable position you can and to add a massage to it is a huge benefit.

For a reasonably small investment you can get that superior comfort with extra padding.

For larger massage chairs that are used in a health spa or gymnasiums you’ll spend well in between $1000 – $5000 or more.

When I first used this type of massage chair it wasn’t a pleasant experience as the rollers in the lower back felt like really uncomfortable, I was sat in a full body massage chair so it massaged my legs and calf’s at the same time.

Also due to it being a gym’s massage chair I thought it’ll be fairly used out, kind of over used. I did try to make sure that I sat in the best looking one after my gym session.

But I did realise…

If this machine or any other of its kind can deliver an excellent sitting position massage then there has to be higher quality massage chairs on the market that can do the job well.

A short story of my experience sitting in a full body massage chair

It was a pay as you go massage chair in the gym, so after my session in the gym that I was new to. I was about to walk out but I stopped and chatted with the desk manager…that’s when I noticed these three big chairs so I asked why are those chairs so big? He informed me of their use. I had no clue they were massage chairs so I asked how do I use it, as I thought it was free you know…like part of the gym membership, but NO I had to pay a few dollars so I tried it why not.

I sat in it and then…


This mother started to vibrate…I thought I was going to get electrocuted, payback style for all the good I’d done in this life.

I was praying please no …oh…shhh…why did I go and get myself into this!

But it was too late to stand up and just leave the chair…it started to tighten up around my hips and calf’s.

I then felt this uncomfortable ball type of prodding in my lower back and the machine was shaking like an earth quake  had hit town…this massage motion then went up my back and kind of spread itself out across my shoulder blades.

In the mist of my sweat I thought control yourself and just relax you can sue the owner as soon as this dam thing stops.

But hey…it started to work its way into a semi massage which didn’t feel that bad after all. When it had finished, no bruises, no trauma effect, I was alive and kicking.

I stood up and felt my body tingling and said to myself “hmm…not great but an experience”.

So in reality there’s got to be better quality machines that can leave you feeling stress free and light after using them.

So here’s some top rated massage chairs sales that have been reduced in price or are fantastic quality for you to try out.

Massage Chair Number 1.

This is an executive recliner extra padded office chair with a massaging beauty.massage chair 1
This beauty has a 6-point multi-function mode vibration.
It can massage your upper back, lower back, thighs and your bottom.
Boasting multiple levels of massage intensity
Made with soft comfortable PU upholstery comes with a soft padding adding to an excellent feel of comfort
The height on this massage chair is adjustable and you get to recline it with its reclining function.

And it can be tilted and locked to your pleasurable position.
Built with strong casters giving you a 360 degree dizzy spell for those happy moments in life (in plain English it has 360 degree swivel capability)massage chair 1
The seats back height is a nice 75cm.
The seats back width is a nice 53cm.
Seat base width is a generous 55cm.
Seat base depth is a lovely 53cm.
And the seat height from the floor to the top of the seat back which is also adjustable is a splendid 112cm to 122cm.
Fantastic seat depth and width at 50 x 50 cm
Plus you’ll get a wired controller to use the massage functions.
The benefits don’t stop there.
To top it off you’ll save a whopping 43% (In plain English £60.31p)

Reduced from £140.00 to £79.99

Click on the offer link here

portable massage chair

Massage Chair Number 2.

Portable Massage Chair Seatportable massage chair

Now this splendid portable massage chair offers you arrange of multifunctional modes. You can enjoy this back massage chair cushion which includes Shiatsu, rolling and a great spot massage therapy to choose from as you desire.

It comes with a vibration and heating function to add to a better massage experience. This naipo vibration seat has with it 3 levels of vibration intensity with a smooth heating option to really help relieve muscle pain in your back.

It boasts a pin point accurate massage so you can use this chair massage shiatsu to pick 3 massage zone setting to efficiently target that source of back pain, whether in the full back or upper and lower back muscles, it will surely help you by relieving tight knots and pain in your back.

It doesn’t stop there…portable massage chair

Gifted with Airbag Technology this message seat includes multiple air bags, that aid in superior comfort for around the hips and waist areas and the back of the massage chair inflates to apply a wonderful compression massage.

Why not personalize your massage?

Yes you can with this portable massage chair seat, it has a hand held controller unit with 3 massage speeds and 12 program settings. You can use to have the independent heat on or off, it’s your choice, you’re in control.

Save £100.00 this has been reduced to now only £199.99 a saving of 33%.

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Massage Chair Number 3.massage chair

This massage chair is ideal for those that play American football or any other sports that are strenuous or anyone suffering from excessive physical or mental tension.

Now this massage chair is a beautifully crafted machine.

With this chair you can reach a state of blissful relaxation.

It boasts 40 well structured synchronising airbags so to achieve its full potential and massage your body muscle by muscle and head to toe, similar to a real life massage by an expert masseur.

Some of the types of massage on this beauty includes:massage chair

Finger tapping massage

Kneading massage

Shiatsu massage

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Some immediate health benefits of using a massage chairback-pain

It can help to align the spine and help to reduce pressure on nerves

It can aid in relaxing your muscles and help you to maintain a good posture and well being feeling

Helps in relieving some stress

Helps in the improvement of the body’s blood circulation

Aids to stimulate body secretion of its endorphins

Some studies say that massage may be helpful for the following elements

Sports injuriesnfl football american footbal

Anxiety relief

Soft muscle strains

Physical Stress

Digestive disorders






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