How To Work From Home – For Beginners

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How to work from home?

It’s a question that many of us want an answer to, usually as soon as possible due to maybe a money issue or loss of a J.O.B

(J.O.B – Just Over Broke)

Or maybe a need to look after a family relative, let’s face it the 9-5 syndrome isn’t for everyone. Some people work night shifts or as I call it the grave yard shift or the vampire shift, because it’ll soon suck all the blood and energy out of you mentally and physically leaving you feeling like the living dead. Some people can manage it though, depending on their level of fitness.

Either way…it’s a shift that takes its toll on the person in different ways, mostly in the mood and mindset of a person if you don’t get enough quality sleep.

So what about working from home?

How’s that going to help?

Will anything change?

Because being used to a set way of working and thinking for a good number years and now all of a sudden a person finds out how to work from home.

Wouldn’t they need to adjust their mindset about how they’re going to work from home?

Yes…but the benefits and lifestyles are fantastically better.

More quality time with one’s family or that special quality time to look after a parent or child and not have to jeopardise your income flow, great in my opinion and just imagine if this work or business of yours could be done from away in the world along as you have your internet connection and a tablet, pc or laptop at hand.

I’d say make good use of which ever work from home opportunity that you choose or whichever one that comes your way, fast before you change your mind or get put off the idea of doing it by someone you speak to about it.

I do understand that some of us need money on the pronto so I’d say the easiest way for this would be buying and selling online. And at the same time learning about drop shipping which will take some time just as anything that involves learning, but buying and selling can help you out immediately.

If you’d like some tips on buying and selling online then you can leave me a comment in the comment section below and I’ll try and direct you in to the right source.

If you’re looking for a JOB online there are many…things to enter into but it can take some time to find the right consistent one that you can live off.

So I’d suggest for how to work from home is that you:

1. Find something that you’ll enjoy doing.

2. If the money is good and is going to help you in the short term or long term then join or do it.

3. The flexibility of time, as time is not on anybody’s side it’s not going to wait around for us to make our minds up or when we think that the time is right.

4. Start an online business that will in time flourish and grow and will be really something that you own and have the proud feeling of achievement for.

And you get to keep most of the revenue, money all for yourself and your family.

A super cool business online that you can start from for very little investment money would be creating a website, a blog and having advertisements placed there known as affiliate marketing. Or an online shop which again goes back to creating a website.

So how is it done?

Creating a website…is easier than you may have thought there’s a platform called Word press that have everything you need to be able to create you website on. But some people do this and maybe 80% of them fail at making any money online.


The problem was that they go at it alone meaning they try to do it all on their own thinking without any or very little guidance.

It’s a MASSIVE  PROBLEM!  problem going at it alone

But that’s where I can help you with guiding you to another source that will teach you how to create a website, blob, online shop etc. And learn how to be able to earn money through it.

So if that is what you’d like to do or if that interest you, what are you waiting for?

Make the decision to just do it!

The internet has way too much information overload issues for me, so it helps to be directed in to the right source from day one.

Wouldn’t that help?

Take a look at the source further down the page for learning how to work from home as an affiliate marketer.

For now let’s see what will help us on our mission of how to work from home

Get Started With The Right Choice Of – Toolsoffice tools

Time is precious so let’s get straight to the point.

The obvious, internet connection, preferably wifi, and your wifi not internet shop connection you want a reliable connection…next.

If you’re going to be at home most of the time which I hope you are because how you would work from home? Lol

A good PC with at least 8gb of RAM , a decent sized monitor and basic office equipment or just use your own table and chairs until you can sort out an office in your home.

No PC ok?

Use a Laptop and good one with large enough memory and has a good GHz of speed, it helps with multitasking anything over 2.5 GHz I‘d say is fine. Remember to get a large screen laptop because you don’t want to be straining your eyes looking into a small screen.

And you could do with the necessary accessories, speakers, wireless mouse and keyboard.

Don’t forget because you’ll be surfing and searching online or working online you’ll need some software that can really help out and make a difference.

Get some good software if you can straight away – internet security and software to clean your Laptop’s junk files or your PC’s junk files because you’ll be searching a lot and those files will take up unnecessary space or catch viruses.

Mobile devices, same goes for the tablets or iPads.

Headset equipment with a microphone that has noise restriction built in.

A webcam for web calls, like Skype etc.

Also a camera for taking photos of objects or anything you desire, you could also make money with your photos. So get a real good camera over 12mega pixels should do fine.

And hey…don’t forget…money to pay the electric bill…nah.nah I’m joking.

These are the basic tools you’ll need if you know of anything else that’ll help someone working from home online then leave a comment below.

Every little helps thanks.

Re-wire Your Mindset For – Persistent Perseverance re-wire your mindset

Here we are going to be going against the norm, the so-called normal way of making a living. So its push button time, yep some of those people we know that can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that it is possible to work from home and make more money than a person breaking his or her back in a 40- 48 or 50 hour a week job.

Be careful who you mention you new findings to.

Their mindset might be closed tightly and in objection strongly to this time of lifestyle, you could say that they’ve been so brainwashed or hypnotised that they just can’t see it.

Ah… well just don’t tell them your plans to work from home they could ruin everything for you, in a mental way.

The mind is an open vase.

Be mindful of what you expose it to or put into it.

So be patient , be smart, forbearing, be open to change for the better, be open to learning skills that you did not have.

Learn with confidence that this is going to work for you.

Repeat to yourself that you are determined to make this work and you not going to let anything or anybody stop you.

You could also mix into your mindset from some good sources of information. A book or two about the subject you’re dealing with.

(If you’d like to be directed to some good books for the mindset for business online let me know in the comment area and I’ll see what I can do for you).

When The Going Gets Tough – You’ll Get Smarter And Strongerhealed up

Yep no doubt they’ll be tough times whilst working from home, just don’t give up, even
after failure there’s benefit the benefit of knowing how not to do something.

All these experiences add to our resistance and tolerance levels, and give us that
positive stress to get better at what we do.So
remain calm… don’t smash up the house if something doesn’t seem to go your
way whilst working online from home.

Don’t blame it on the cat or dog, for jumping over your laptop and knocking your hot
cup of tea all over the place and then hitting the delete button with its
paw…deleting your new blog post you were working on.  (Aaaarrrrhhh)

Just get a higher table…lol…and take full responsibility if you can after
calming down…or the easier option is to just blame the wife or husband for
letting in the dog or the cat…lol.

Either way you’ll get stronger and smarter, you may not feel that way but other people
will notice it.

Get The Right Quality Training – From The Start

This I cannot stress enough, how important it is, the antidote too many people’s
problems of working from home online is the simple fact that they didn’t go get
some training that puts them from day one in the know how.

Have you been searching endlessly only to end up frustrated and tired out
or being scammed out of your money from so-called gurus promising this and

Do you have that problem or have you had that problem?

I’ve got the solution for you right here.

Click on – Beam Me Up Scottie  Below, to be guided there at the speed of  light!

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Its Your Vision – What Do You Want It To Be?

kids happy to see your website's No'1 in Google's rankings
Imagine the look on your children’s faces to see that YOUR No’1 in Google. And its your own website, what joy would that bring to you and them?
  • Life style change.
  • Freedom to live on your terms.
  • Flexibility at last.
  • Potential to earn whilst you sleep.
  • Potential to make more MONEY than you’ve ever EARNED.
  • Ability to give back to those that helped you out in times of need.
  • Ability to be free to travel the world.
  • Passive income.
  • To own something you’ve built from the ground up and can be proud of.
  • A better future for you and your kids.
  • Then learn how to work from home

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Some Sources For Working From Home Check Them Out! – testing websites – earn royalties from your photos – eBook creating & publishing


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