How To Be A Good Person – How To Be A Postive Person


In this post I just want mention a few positive actions and characteristics that anybody who is willing or trying or searching for ways or information to better ones self in a mental and psychical aspect can do so by reading on.

Because I mean what really is a good person?                                          

And how to be a good person?

How to be a positive person?

And how to be a happier person?
This in my opinion will be based on quite few different factors like upbringing, associates, family life people in general, friends or so-called friends education etc.

Yeah so-called friends I like that term, I used to say to myself I need to get into other peoples worlds; meaning I need to know people that are genuine and good, the ones that want good for you and not just themselves.
(Probably very hard to find nowadays)
What do I do if I think the that the surrounding people that just know me but deep down don’t really care about me.

I care about them but maybe it’s just how my nature is. I always like to help someone in need.

I didn’t find it hard to do, but what I did find hard was how to be a positive person and how to be a happier person.

And especially when you hit rock bottom in your finances or you get so stressed in some circumstance. I mean broke like a tree branch stepped on in the rain and blown away by the wind.

The feeling is one that requires great strength and motivation to get out of.

I know everyone has their fair share of problems, but you rarely find a good companion that will help you and steer you in a direction that will help you mentally and physically and financially to get freed from it.

Why is that? Is it because the majority of people that I knew were just the same deep down inside but tried to portray a fake image of themselves or is it because they really didn’t give a care about anybody else. Unfortunately this kind of attitude is contagious, you start to think, well I need to be more of a cold-hearted person to get along in life.

But it’s not true…maybe for some it works but deep down inside they are just empty individuals.





How to be a good person

Anyway how to be a good person how to be a positive person and how to be a happier person, as we all want happiness right?

Not just to live, eat, work, sleep. We need happiness.
So what will bring happiness to you is what your heart is content with having, everyone’s different in many ways.
So I thought I’d share some tips that have helped me, become a better person a more positive person and a happier person…it’s like a daily battle some times because a lot a people don’t like to see someone happy or positive…and they’ll just try and mock you make fun of you just to cheer themselves up and kind of like get a kick out of putting someone down.

You can sometimes see the emotion on the face of the person that this happens to.
They are smiling along with it but deep down it hurt their emotions. Which they can’t help because they are sensitive to comments thrown at them by people who are supposed to be their friends or family for that matter.

So look I say forget about them concentrate on you, you be important. Avoid as much contact and conversation with these types of characters, they only serve to put you down and many times it works…it probably even causes anxiety in you because when your around them you know you are going to be the TV as to speak, the comedy show is you, at you expensive of positivity.

So I’d like to share some points with you. And if you are one of those people that put someone down on a regular basis then please think about your actions or your words which maybe harming that person, little do you know.

  • How to be a good person?
  • Let’s start by having a look at what kinds of food do we consume, I found myself doing this a few times and boy was I amazed when it clicked. My example is a true life example of going to fast food takeaways late at night … I once said to myself, look at the kind of people that are here ordering food…why?
  • Because we must have something in common to be ordering food after 11pm at night and when I pondered over it I thought what a negative food I’m eating, it gives,no energy and makes me pile on weight and I get gas after I’ve eaten it and heartburn in the middle of the night and then the runs in the morning, it neither nutritious, nor fills my need of food. And not just that it somehow affects the way I behave. So it took some will power to completely stop eating theses fake foods.
  • You see being a good person starts from within.
  • What we consume.
  • What we think.
  • How we react.
  • What we talk about.
  • What we watch.
  • All the above has an affect on the person’s mindset.
  • So the simple key is to change them all.


How to be a positive person

When we have a positive personality it will have a great impact on our success in anything we do.
Look at it like this we input data into a computer and it stays there until we need it or delete it and add fresh data.

Same with the mindset we need to update it with positive data, like in the form of listening to motivational and inspirational audios that stir our positivity cells and get us buzzing with positive vibes!

Also, input from positive informational books and the likes.

Take control over your mind and feed it positive ideas and you’ll gradually create a more positive and constructive personality and increase your confidence and raise your self-esteem.

This will help eliminate the negative emotions held in the mind.

Train your mind to respond how you want it to.


How to be a happier person         

Use positive self-talk tell yourself happy sayings and visualize happiness whilst saying them, see your goals as already achieved or set new goals and work towards them every day.

Hang out with happy-go-lucky people either on the social media sites or in person find a good community of people going forward and not backwards.

Create that picture in your mind of how you want to be and keep repeating that picture in your mind telling yourself –

“this is what I want and nobody said I can’t have it”

“so I’m going to have it because I said so”

Expect good things

And they will come to you.

Expect bad things and guess what?

That’s what will come your way.

Expect to be successful – Make positive moves

Yes why not expect to be successful, but put in the work, the actions the books to read and enlighten you, the audios that inspire you to move. And remember exercise regularly as a stronger body supports a strong mind.

Use prayer or meditation, relaxation and free your mind like a bird in the sky.



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